"Welcome to Kousalya Music Academy ----- Classes & online classes are going on"                                  Whatsapp on +91 8186012345 for getting Registrations done !!!                                 "Welcome to Kousalya Music Academy ----- Classes & online classes are going on"                                 whatsapp on +91 8186012345 for getting Registrations done !!! WhatsApp +91 8186012345 for getting Registrations done !!! "

Welcome to Kousalya Music Academy

Interestingly, there’s always a hidden singer in all of us – the very fact that a volley of individuals take to bathroom singing testifies to that! But what good does it really do to croon away to your heart’s content at the loo, when you might as well take to the stage to exhibit your creative flair? Keeping the same in mind, Kousalya’s Music Academy pays meticulous attention to detail and intricate singing techniques to quip you to wield the mike and get started. The artistes’ individualistic approach to training budding musicians entails Abhyasa Ganam, the perfect exercise to increase your lung capacity and moderate your breath control, which plays an integral part of classical music.

Music is Therapeutic for the Mind and the Soul

which state that one’s physical, social, cognitive and emotional state can be uplifted by the usage of musical interventions. In today’s day and age, with most of us entangled in the shackles of a rigorous work week and other demands weighing us in, music has transcended beyond a form of art – it has left an indelible impact on our lives – Whether you’re blowing off a lot of steam at the gym or just driving by, great music only adds to the enjoyment. And justifiably so. Imagine a life without music, or better yet, a day where our playlists are devoid of our favourite tracks? Well, we’re better off not imagining something so devastating! Hence, it’s essential we compartmentalize and make enough time to listen to soulful renditions on a regular basis for the sound upkeep of one’s being.

If you’ve always wanted to perfect those tunes under the guidance of a polished team of Indian classical music professionals, here’s your chance – choose your pick from the genres of music on offer, and get started at the academy!

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