Counselling Care :

The evolution of digital media and the advent of reality shows world have opened up a plethora of opportunities for the talented.

But at the same time, the constant pressure to emerge winner in the rat race can be detrimental to one's abilities and understanding of his/her true potential. That said, Kousalya Music Academy will be offering customized pre and post counselling sessions for all the students. The idea is to acquaint youngsters to failures, and adept themselves to the rising challenges. The in house psychologists are experts spanning several years of experience in counselling and offering effective techniques to help children and adults alike to combat a host of mental ailments like depression, anxiety, panic attack, chronic stress and the like.

Sessions will be conducted in private or in groups, depending upon the comfort of the individuals. The idea is to equip students and aspiring musicians to face adversities and struggles associated with their career. So whether it's a wee bit of pep talk or moral support, the counsellors on board aim to make you feel at ease, as you begin to feel the jitters while preparing for a live show or on stage performance! The hassle free arrangement enables students to get in touch with expert clinical psychologists and counselors for a deeper understanding of their concerns and woes. The issues and the communication will be kept confidential to protect the privacy of the individual. The concept of counselling is to encourage students to partake in activities and competition without necessarily being hell bent on emerging as a winner. Because, we believe that winning and losing are a part and parcel of life, and perhaps, two sides of the same coin.

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